Determined to innovate and create a hoodie that is practical enough to assist you across a whole range of activities we brain stormed the pro's and con's of the well known hoodie.

We considered shape and usability in a diverse selection of environments and we thought about the problems and benefits we have experienced with our personal hoodies over the years.

We found that hoods can fall over your eyes and cover your face when you wear them up. We realised that they can fall off easily too. If you were lucky enough to find a hood that fit your head nicely and you ever needed to pull it tight you would need to pull the adjuster strings and tie huge bows which just doesn't look good.

Uncovering so many hood problems we decided to work from the top down. Of corse we had thought about the shape and style first but you can clearly see all that stuff and the story is kind of boring.

The hood.

After evaluating multiple hood shapes and sizes we knew one thing, our hood needed to be a workable size and that it must hold its shape. Once we got the shape nailed we moved on to those impractical points we were speaking about before and got to work.

During development we found that using elastic shock cord with an adjuster we could eliminate the need for ugly string and create a more simple and effect option. This break through went way beyond looks though, the adjuster means that the hood can be pulled loose or tight and that it will stay put in your desired position. Adjusting the hood this way meant that if you wear the hood down but want it to be tight to your neck to stop any draft going down your back you could pull it tight and use it as a makeshift scarf and the elastic adjuster would look a hell of a lot better than big looped strings.

The other two major points we worked on were flexibility and security of your valuables.

When your working out, it doesn't matter the environment your in or the type of exercise your doing, you always need flexibility and full range of movement but not just that you need to keep your valuables safe, from keys to phones we have all lost something out of that front pouch pocket of our hoodies and some of us have had our phones fall out and smash or worse, land in the toilet.

We were amazed people were still dealing with this problem so we decided to come up with a solution. Yes, you have bags you can take on a jog or to the gym but what if you don't want the hassle of a bag? You just want to take a key and your phone to play music from? You need that stuff to be safe.

We found the solution to be putting a pocket within the front pouch pocket, designed to be secure and to keep your valuables from falling out. Positioned here, you don't feel the weight of your phone or keys, you don't need to have either of them stabbing your leg or once again smashing when you put a weight on you leg before lifting it. Slide your phone or keys in to the secure pocket and it's safe. This method keeps that front pouch pocket spare too, so you can put something else in there, like a snack!

On the grafter hoodie we added an additional zipped pocket on the sleeve  because hey, options are a good thing to have. Both pockets are ideally positioned so that the weight of your items don't bother you when you're active or relaxed.





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