Asking the question are you a mover or a shaker is like asking if your a glass half empty or a glass half full kind of guy. Even though the glass has the same amount of liquid inside, it's your attitude that defines your prespective.

I'm sure you've guessed by now but we're a glass half full kind of company and we think you should share that same attitude so we named this hoodie "Mover" to remind everybody to keep it moving.

Made in
Made locally in Leicester from a 480GSM loopback fabric this hoodie is a real heavyweight. Because it hasn't been garment dyed, it hasn't gone through the same process as your typical dyed garment which involves heat. No dye means no heat and the result of dodging that process is silky soft fabric that feels close to cotton wool.

The thick, super soft, loopback fabric basically hugs your skin, immediately feeling like your favourite companion and the loops hold your body heat to help keep you at your ideal temperature.

The design of this visuals of the hoodie has been partly inspired by a workwear theme, we used side panels and an extra large front pocket which share some of the same qualities as a work apron. We included a stash pocket within the front pouch pocket too so that your valuable are safe when your active, no more losing your keys or smashing your phone.

We designed the Mover to be flexible and adjust to meet your desired preference by including a shock cord and metal adjuster on the hood and the body rib.
The rib shock cord has been measured to be the same length as the rib so that it fit perfectly into it, staying hidden if you choose not to pull it tight.
The double lined hood helps hold the shape much better than a thin hood and the adjuster means it can be pulled into any position you require and stay there.

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