Goal setting is an important tool available to everybody. It's a simple concept and most people are great at deploying it but where most tend to go off track is being consistent. It's easy to set a goal but its much harder to keep working at that goal consistently.

We decided to help people stay focused on what it is they want to achieve, forget those New Years resolutions that don't last, order yourself a goal card, write your goals down and quietly work on them and let your results do the talking.

These cards are great for gym goers and athletes, put your personal best workouts or times on your wall to focus on beating them next time or use the cards for routines, meal plans or just notes. They are easy to take with you on any journey as they fit in a wallet just as easily as a credit card.

The concept might sound a bit silly but if you write your goals down you are more likely to hit them, when you read your goal frequently your chance of achieving them increases.

You have the option to keep your goals to yourself or share them with our community and if you have anybody in your life you feel needs a push in the right direct, get some cards for them and have them commit to the plans they have been talking about for to long but haven't yet acted on them.

Setting goals is a great way to measure your success and hold yourself accountable, so we challenge you now. Set some goals, get after them and keep it moving. Before you know it you will have surpassed your expectations, things will get easier and you will be one step closer to that person you have always wanted to be!

Goals are a way to breakdown huge dreams into sizeable steps and give them some structure, they are a way to track your progress and increase your confidence and momentum. 

When you’re considering what goal you’re going to set you need to be realistic, reframe from setting unrealistic goals because if you don’t achieve them you lose self confidence and can easily give up. Use these cards as a tool and your understanding of using them to their full potential will grow each time you hit success, our cards are free and we would love you to keep coming back for more, growing with us. 

You can take goals in to every aspect of your life, it might get a bit boring at times but if you have a clear plan of what you want and you want it bad enough then use this strategy, don't most the goal posts, be true to yourself and your commitments and you will soon be well on your way to what you previously found fairly difficult to achieve.

Entrepreneurs, businesses and high performing athletes all set goals and have structure to help them track their progress and stay on track. They have proved this system time and time again and these free goal cards are your opportunity to do the same, good luck!

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  • Anyone can achieve greatness and be the best they aspire to be!

    Theo Mayne

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