Selfmade training gear is designed with real life situations in mind. Aware of the discomforts of poor ventilation and wet clothes we use Dry Tech across our entire range.

The Selfmade Company has a deep understanding of the mind set required to go hard each time you workout. Continuing to push yourself even when that voice in your head is telling you to have a day off isn't easy so we place hidden quotes inside our training gear, to keep your mindset ambitious.

The Shorts

The shorts are super soft and lightweight, they don't have the netting inside that running shorts have which makes them useful and comfortable in a lot of situations. Featuring side pockets with a super soft lining and a depth that makes them more practical than most. The shorts boast 100% maneuverability allowing for a full range of motion in all activities. Built in ventilation panels keep you dry while the sweat wicking fabric ensures you stay dry during intense activities.

The T-shirt

Our classic training T-shirt is lightweight, flexible and a great companion for your workouts. The material is fast drying making it easy to wash in-between sessions, ready for the next one. Featuring ventilation panels in strategic places so that you can better regulate your bodies temperature and remain comfortable at all times.


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