Taking cues from some of the most high end brands but staying true to our company ethos, we developed this hat to be a real contender.
We took around 6 months to develop this cap, countless samples later we finally got there.

Why did it take so long?

We demanded a specific shape that hasn't been used before, we wanted a unique hat that worked for the majority of people. Caps are a funny thing, the fit needs to be just right and lot of people struggle to find that perfect cap that suits them and when they do they never want to let it go.

We gave samples out to lots of our friends when developing this hat and we researched the market to understand which were the most popular hats. After gathering this information we finally had our shape nailed.

The shape and quality is something that needed to be second too non. We wanted it to be loved by everybody so we used the highest quality cotton we could get our hands on, a superior metal adjuster system, 3D embroidery for the signature and 2D embroidery in other areas.

Two of the most time consuming and significant modifications we made to the cap were the inner pocket to keep you stuff safe and the motivation quote printed on the sweat band. These two features were a huge headache.

Our manufacturers couldn't understand how to incorporate the the hidden pocket or quote, to get the quote dead centre so that you catch a glance of it each time you put the hat on wasn't easy. You need to embroider the quote on the sweat band before attaching it to the cap so that took serious skills and patience. Luckily our partners did a good job.

The pocket wasn't much easier but after numerous sketches and instructions our manufacturers finally accepted that it would be possible.

Soon after we took stock of our caps which all included, an internal pocket, a hidden quote for your eyes only, a slightly bent peak and a really special fit that seems to make everybody look good, even guys that don't like caps!

We have sold over 100 of these hats to date and we have had nothing but good feedback. Some people have even been washing these in the washing machine, this isn't we recommend but its a testament to the quality of the cap and we always love to hear good feedback from our loyal customers.

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